Wednesday, 5 May 2010

World Cup 2010: the first Brazilian supporter arrives in South Africa!

Pedal Joe’s contact in South Africa:

The Brazilian Football Team is ready to board for Johannesburg on the 26th of May to participate, in South Africa, in the first Football World Cup held in the African Continent.

Meanwhile, already in the homeland of Mandela, a lonely Brazilian speeds on towards the same city. He is the environmentalist and photographer José Geraldo de Souza Castro, alias Pedal Joe (Zé do Pedal), 52 years old, who, on the 10th of May of 2008, in a tiny children's pedal go-cart, built and adapted specially for the trip by the Dutch company BERG Toys, pedaled slowly away from the giant structure of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, with a final destination: the World Cup of 2010.

After having done, in 2 years, more than 16.000 km crossing France, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, Benim, Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, the Congolese Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Angola and Namibia, Pedal Joe arrived in Upington yesterday afternoon and will remain there for two days getting to know the region and participating in activities with the local Lions Club before taking off again, on Road number 2, towards Johannesburg.

Pedal Joe was received in the city by the president of the Gordonia Lions Club, Neville Bosman, and by the members of the club Kobus, Louise, Ansu and Piet Oberholster.

For more information about SigthFirst:

Friends who have collaborated with the project:

Rosfrios Alimentos * supplements
BERG Toys * pedal go-kart
BERG Toys do Brasil * logistics
Deuter do Brasil * camping material
Foto Universitario * photographic material
Buynet * ISP - Internet Provider
Albergues Privados do Caminho de Santiago * food and lodgings
Caminho do Sol-Brasil * travel products
Fernanda Paz - Mindo Falcão * travel products

"In the last 70 years, the World's population has tripled. The demand for water increased six fold. If the present patterns are not modified, in 2025 four billion people will not have access to water."

"Water: a drop, a life... preserve them. For me... for yourself... for our Planet..." Pedal Joe (Zé do Pedal)


Bas said...
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Bas said...

On May 10th 2008 I waved you goodbye under the Eiffel tower in Paris.
I must admit I never imagined you would make it all the way to South Africa.
Now, 25months later, I am happy to conclude that you have proven me so wrong.
I am proud and happy that I was able to help you a little at the start of your incredible adventure and to witness your departure.

Now you have reached your -oh-so-ambitious goal!

I am impressed with your courage, your perseverance and your personality.
I am now an official Zedo-fan!

Jose: enjoy the final part of your journey and the soccer games afterwards. For you I will chear for Brasil this time.

I have enjoyed following you so closely and our frequent contacts in the past two years.
Hope to meet you again some time some place.

Bas Roelofs,

Syta said...

Here is another Zedo-fan!

I fully agree with Bas. You finished an incredible challenging journey, which can only be reached by a very strong, courageous, dedicated and driven person. YOU Zedo!!

I give you my eternal glory and a lot of hugs (because I know you like this so much :-).

And if you ever plan to visit Holland again, please give me a call!

Syta de Visser

David Fernandez said...

Hi Zedo. Que tal? Soy David de España. Nos encontramos en Gabón. Yo iba en mi camión.
Bueno saber de ti....