Thursday, 23 October 2008

08/10/23: Pedal Joe already in the Sahara Desert

Report given by PCC Brito Rocha, after a phone conversation with Joe:

"After passing a day resting in the small and pretty beach of Tan-Tan, Pedal Joe began pedaling again, this time already in the Sahara Desert - very similar to the Desert of Baja California in Mexico, — many stones, very dry and almost without vegetation and the one that exists is scrubby. Temperature is about 38ºC.

He is already 370Km south of Agadir and 600Km north of Dakhla where he will take a boat that the PDG Jorge Albergaria arranged to reach the Capital of Mauritania - Nonakchott - in order to avoid a very dangerous area where conflicts and abductions routinely happen.

His alimentation consists of onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and cans of sardine. He has with him a 15 liter jerrycan of water which significantly increases the weight of his pedal kart. He makes coffee by making a fire with pieces of wood that he finds by the side of the road. There is a great deal of wind which makes the pedaling difficult.

He is 70Km north of Sidi-Achsennir, but given the wind he does not expect to reach that town, thinking to spend the night 30Km before, sleeping by the side of the road, which is asphalted and has some movement. It is from this locality that Joe will face the true sand dunes of the Desert until Dakhla.

This is what Joe told me, as always well disposed, happy and satisfied with the population he comes in contact with, people who stop to just talk to him. His kart and harness have the Flag of Brazil and the Lions Emblem well displayed.

Joe sends a Hug from the Heart to all his Companions and Friends of Brazil and Portugal."